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"I would Die For You"
Purple Rain
Warner Bros. Records



Barb Page
William Bryant

I Would Die For You
This is a compilation of two different dances from the 2008 Tampa Bay Classic Ballroom dance Competition held in St Petersburg, Florida; edited to the song I would Die for You; ( Prince and the Revolution).



Just amazing, but being a little biased as I am the mom of the wheelchair contestant, its still a pleasure to see my daughter perform.
A proud mom, keep up your website, its bringing us closer to everything.
Norma Best

Hello Lewis, My name is Bill Bryant and I am the able-body partner to Barb Page, the wheelchair dancer you featured in the "I Will Die For You" video. Your video is great fun and very well done. Thank you so much for sharing this with our group from Vicki's Ballroom.
All my best. Bill Bryant