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Emmanuel Pierre-Antoine and Julia Gorchakova

This is a compilation of several dances from the 2008 Millennium Ballroom dance Competition held at the Vinoy in St Petersburg, Florida; edited to the song Mercy; (nominated for a grammy for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance) featuring Emmanuel Pierre-Antoine and Julia Gorchakova


Julia is a native of Russia and began dancing in Russia at age 6. She now lives in Scottsdale, Arizona.
Emmanuel is a native of Haiti, and has trained in jazz, modern and ballroom for over fifteen years

He lives in New York .
Both are Mambo Champions.




This is One Awesome Dancevids and also since Emmanuel P-A Is One of my Best Dancer I like it even more...
You did an Amazing Job my Friend : "Congratulation". Keep on doing your good work.
I have NEVER had anyone mail this good a program to me before. Your making it happen. Your Friend Tony Hornick Tony Hornick of DanceList

They are beautiful together!!! Dana Jackson