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Tomas Mielnicki


J.T. Thomas


Tomas Mielnicki began dancing ballet in Poland at the age of 7.

He entered the ballroom world at age 10 and by age 15 was

the Polish Youth Ten-Dance Champion. Tomas completed a

degree in law from the University of Wroclaw while competing.

He moved to the United States in 2003.

JT has been dancing in various forms since the age of 5. She has

studied ballet, jazz, tap, acrobatics and all forms of ballroom. She

earned a BFA with an emphasis in dance at the University of

Arizona in 1996 and has since competed and performed

throughout the United States and Great Britain.

Tomas & JT are the 2007 World American Ballroom Champions,

the 2007 U.S. National American Ballroom Champions and

the 2007 North American Smooth Champions.


Dedicated to Fred and Emma Oswald

Fred and Emma Oswald, are trained in American and International style
dancing. Both are certified judges in all styles through the National Dance
Council of America. They were professional competitors earning the
title of "Atlanta Star Ball Champions"