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For the past three years I have presented DanceVidsTV for the Ballroom Dance Community. This Venture has been financed entirely by me with the patience and support of my family. There has been a steadily increasing response to DanceVidsTV. The requirements for presenting DanceVids has also increased. To continue to provide DanceVidsTV Programming I need support from you.
Because things have changed so rapidly I need to purchase better Video equipment, to improve the quality of the video I shoot (my camera is dying). I need better editing equipment and Computer programs to use to edit my video with. I need funding to be able to go to the events I tape and for blank Digital Video Tapes, Batteries, and other supplies. If you believe in what I am doing or if you appreciate my talents please contribute and help sponsor DanceVidsTV.
If you know of someone else that can help please let them know about this issue.

If you are part of a group, studio, or organization please inform your members.

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